About 15% of foster carers give up fostering or transfer between Fostering Agencies every year.FC

This is often due to foster carers not spending time comparing different Fostering Agencies and the services they offer before making an application to foster, to research which agency would best suit their needs and their family situation.

The Government recommend that potential foster carers should contact more than one fostering agency when they begin to enquire about fostering.

Where do I start?

There are over seven hundred Independent Fostering Agencies and Local Authorities and Trusts providing fostering and adoption services accross the UK.
Each fostering agency can differ in their pay and conditions, social worker support, quality of training, access to respite and foster carer support groups.
Some agencies may specialise in foster care for babies, some specialise in teenagers, some agencies expect you to be a full time foster carer, whilst others are happy if you continue to work.

Let us do the hard work!

Sound like a mine field?! That is what we are here for! To save you all the hassle of comparing different agencies, at Fostering Connections we do all the comparing and will connect you with the right agency for you.
Along with comprehensive information on the web site, at Fostering Connections we are a fostering agency that helps people to make the right choice of fostering agency first time, and to go on to have a successful fostering career.
Using the information provided in the enquiry form, we will look at which agency has vacancies for new foster carers and is likely to be the best match for you and your family.sun

To begin your career as a professional Foster Carer simply complete the simplified form or the more detailed enquiry form on our web page http://www.fosteringconnections.co.uk/contact-us/and we will get back in touch with you to explain and help you through the process. Or alternatively you can e-mail us info@fosteringconnections.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you!