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Fostering and birth children

A few weeks ago I wrote about how difficult it can be for birth children to deal with the impact of becoming part of a fostering family. It can be very difficult for children to learn to share their homes and families with foster children, especially during the early stages of a placement when […]

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Fostering Placements

There are many thousands of children in Local Authority care throughout the country, they are different ages, ethnicities and have differing needs. For this reason fostering agencies need to recruit a wide variety of potential foster carers to meet the wide variety of needs presented by foster children. This means not only people with […]

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Finding a Fostering Agency

Making the decision to become a foster carer is really only the first step in the process, once you have decided that it is something you are committed to, you need to apply to a ‘fostering agency’. There are numerous fostering agencies throughout the country, all offering slightly different packages of support, training and […]

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Letting Go

Many people when asked about becoming a foster carer will say ‘Oh I couldn’t bear to let the children go!’ and it is true that this can be a very difficult aspect of the foster carer role.

Fostering is not a permanent arrangement and children will, one day move on whether to their birth family, […]

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Foster Carers and Training

If you have read our blog you will probably be aware that you don’t need any formal qualifications or previous experience working with children to become a foster carer.
‘But Linda, you say fostering is a demanding and challenging career…how can you do it without any qualifications?’ Good question!
As a foster carer you will receive […]

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Fostering Children

When Fostering Connections have been ‘out and about’ raising awareness of the need to find foster carers, something we often hear is,  ‘I wouldn’t know how to do it!’ People have a genuine desire to foster children but the lack of information and belief that they wouldn’t be eligible serves to discourage them from […]

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Fostering and birth children

The decision to become a foster carer is a very significant one, but it’s one that adults often make without considering the impact it will have on the lives of the children within their family. Fostering is a 24-7 job and will not only affect you as the foster carer but also your own […]

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How Fostering Connections can help you.

Fostering is something many people have considered but for a variety of reasons they never proceed any further. This could be based on misconceptions about what is required to become a foster carer. Many people I have spoken too will state they are ‘too old’ or don’t have the right ‘qualifications’ and so dismissed […]

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Speaking out for Foster Children

Everyone can appreciate that bringing up children is not the easiest task in the world! Even the most well adjusted children are prone to moods and outbursts of temper! Imagine coming from an extremely dysfunctional and often highly abusive background and then being separated from your family and placed either in a Children’s Home […]

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