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Significant rise in hospital admissions due to eating disorders in teens

As parents, we try to make sure that our children have a healthy diet and get their ‘five a day!’, but really, all we can do is try! Young people will make their own decisions about what foods they like and dislike, some more fussy than others! But what if we have a deeper […]

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Time for Reflection

Reflecting on your role as a foster carer

Have you ever stopped to reflect on your role as a foster carer? What aspects you enjoy most? What you find challenging? What your strengths as a foster carer are? Being a foster carer is a very rewarding but also challenging role and you spend most of […]

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Finding homes for ‘hard to place’ children

Although figures show that the number of children with adoption placement orders is now almost the same as the number of adoptive parents waiting for a match, there are still around 3,500 children in England alone waiting for a permanent family.

In addition to this and more staggering; 8,370 new foster families are needed during […]

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Looked After Children – Improving Educational Achievements

For many children, school life can be challenging. But for children in care, school life can be particularly difficult. Their educational experience may have been disrupted due to moving schools, or if they have been absent from school for extended periods of time.

The gaps in their learning are likely to have become barr iers […]

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Fostering: Casting the net wider

8600 foster carers still urgently needed

Today, almost 63,000 children are living with over 52,500 foster families across the UK. However, figures from the Fostering Network show at least 8,600 new foster families are still needed; not only to replace the 12 % who leave each year, but to ensure that children who come into […]

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The importance of health and nutrition

A good understanding of health is essential

Healthy eating can improve children’s energy, sharpen their minds, and even control their moods. While peer pressure and TV commercials for junk food can make getting children to eat well seem impossible, there are steps you can take to instil healthy eating habits without turning mealtimes into a […]

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Anne (a foster carer) – My Story

A rewarding decision

With more and more children coming into care; 1 every 22 minutes, foster carers are urgently needed across the UK.
Deciding to be a foster carer is not an easy decision. I became a foster carer seven years ago and it certainly proved to be harder work than I expected! However it was […]

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Fostering: parenting at its grittiest

Foster carers urgently needed

With a new child coming into care every 22 minutes, the number of children coming into care across the UK now tops 92,000.

Being a foster carer is certainly not an easy ride. Looking after children and young people who have experienced abuse and neglect need foster carers with tolerance, dedication and […]

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Training foster carers to help improve children’s educational outcomes

Children in care are lowest performing in education

Children do not choose to be in care. Many enter the care system as a result of abuse or neglect. They may have experienced domestic violence, substance misuse, poverty, hunger, the loss of a parent or inadequate parenting. It is no surprise then that children and young […]

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