Fostering is a challenging but rewarding job, and many people wonder if they are eligible to foster a child. We can help you decide if its right for you.

Who can foster a child?

Becoming a foster carer is a fantastic opportunity for someone who cares about children and is able to commit to looking after somebody else’s child. It is not a job that anyone can do but many people who have the attitude and would love to become a foster carer are too scared to apply because they don’t think they will be eligible in other ways.

There are a lot of positives to becoming a foster carer and making a career out of it, you get to work from home and enjoy the lifestyle of a family, most placements are children of school age so you have the flexibility of your own time to get things sorted while they are at school. Foster caring can provide a reasonable income, you won’t become rich from foster caring as it is a balance of finding care and being able to provide the child with a good life, but many people do give up work to become a full time foster carer.

Can I foster?

If you have room for a child and feel you can give a child hope, and a good start in life enabling them to grow up into responsible adults then you are a great candidate to become a foster carer.

You can choose to look after children in the short term, such as respite or short term placements, there are also lots of children in need of longer term foster care placements. If you are available full time then there is a good chance you will be offered more placements.

Foster carers are paid to care for children placed with them. This is a fact and due to the need of these children you will be entitled to allowances, if you receive over £50,000 a year then you may be subject to tax but up until that threshold you should not be taxed and the money will not affect any benefits you receive.

Do/are you…

  • 21 years or older
  • Have time to care for a child
  • Have room for a child

Then you could be eligible to foster.

It doesn’t matter if…

  • You are Gay, Straight or Bisexual
  • From an ethnic background
  • Single, divorced, married or living with a partner
  • On benefits
  • Don’t have birth children
  • Do have birth children
  • You are working or unemployed

Foster carers are welcomed from all walks of life and with various life experiences, you may be surprised that you are eligible to foster, fill in the form and find out today.

At Fostering Connections, we connect foster carers and reputable foster agencies, this could be because you are just starting out as a foster carer or because you want to transfer agencies