Could you offer a nurturing home to a vulnerable child?

Could you offer a nurturing home to a vulnerable child?

There are many reasons why a child may be taken into foster care, many foster care placements are short term to allow respite for the birth parents or help them get into a better situation to be good parents. In these situations it is very likely that the child will be returned to their family very quickly.

The fostering experience can be a supportive time and social workers have a lot of contact with the children and the birth parents, from this many parents who’s children have been taken into care are left with a positive view of fostering. If you have had your child taken into care you may feel that now you are back on your feet and happy with your child you would want to foster a child and help give another family the support you received.

There are a number of reasons why a child may be taken into short term fostering, including;

  • Post natal depression – some parents need time after having children, fostering allows them the support to heal
  • Depression/Stress – mental illness can affect many people and while you are getting support and help, fostering can help your child get the help they need so you can concentrate on getting better
  • Illness – if you are taken ill with a serious condition then fostering allows respite
  • There are many reasons for you to need help through fostering that are outside of your control

Can I become a foster carer if my child has been fostered?

It is very common that people who have had a child in foster care want to foster themselves, however they fear that the fact they had a birth child taken away from them means they will not be accepted as a foster carer. It is a natural concern that you will not be accepted, however, if you are now reunited with your family and been discharged from social services then you are just as likely to be able to foster a child.

Social services will take into account your medical history, so if you have a history of depression they will take that into consideration as it can be a stressful time and it is the social workers responsibility to look after your well being, as well as the child’s. If you have had your child fostered due to depression or mental illness this will be looked into an evaluated, but, if you have a history of mental illness or depression that would be more of a factor rather than having your child fostered.

These same factors would be considered for anyone applying to be a foster carer regardless of their previous experiences with the fostering system. If you have been through the fostering system you will have a much better understanding of the process and this insight may be beneficial. Many panels will see your experience as a plus, so if you are interested in fostering then get in touch today.

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