If you haven’t heard the buzz this week is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Adoption and Fostering Week. The aim of the week is to raise awareness for LGBT carers especially as many people think that their sexuality causes a barrier in the adoption and fostering process.

Many Gay people don’t think that they can become foster carers but that is not the case.

As part of LGBT adoption and fostering week there have been many interviews with Gay foster carers highlighting firstly that you can become a foster carer but also giving potential carers an idea of what it will be like. Below is an interview from ITV Tyne Tee’s interviewing a gay couple who are foster carers.

In this interview some statistics are highlighted;

1 in 3 think straight couples are better parents

1 in 27 adoptions are by gay couples

1 in 4 children never get adopted

In the 21st century governments and religions are more accepting of Gay people but there still seems to be a stigma around Gay foster carers and becoming foster carers. However the LGBT community are welcome to apply and have as much chance as getting accepted as heterosexuals. Local authorities realise that Gay people have often faced diversity, through working out their own sexuality, and therefore often have a good sense of identity. This means they are often very good role models and can help children who face similar problems may be able to help them deal with it.

It is important to get the message out there that LGBT parents are equally suitable as parents generally, the process of whether a child will suitable with you is purely down to other factors, including the child as they need to be placed with the best people for them not just anyone.

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