Becoming a Foster Carer

My Child was Fostered, Can I Foster?

My child was fostered, can I foster? This is a common questions for parents who have been through the process and want to give back, fostering can be a positive experience.

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LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week

This week is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Adoption and Fostering Week. This week will raise awareness for LGBT foster carers and tackle the stigma

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Can I Foster?

Fostering is a challenging but rewarding job, and many people wonder if they are eligible to foster a child. We can help you decide if its right for you.

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Fostering Agency Vs Local Authority

Foster carers and people inquiring about becoming a foster carer often ask whether to use a fostering agency or foster directly with your local authority.

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Foster Carers and Finance

For many years fostering was seen as a vocation or a voluntary service, something you did to help those children in the community who were in need. Over many years this perception has changed to reflect the greater obligations society has to protect those in need. Most people are aware that if you are […]

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Become a part of the Fostering Team

You may have heard that becoming a foster carer means joining the ‘fostering team’. So what exactly does this mean? Well, as a foster carer you will be part of a team who all work together to plan for the child’s future and ensure their needs are met in a safe and secure placement.
Who  […]

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Finding a Fostering Agency

Making the decision to become a foster carer is really only the first step in the process, once you have decided that it is something you are committed to, you need to apply to a ‘fostering agency’. There are numerous fostering agencies throughout the country, all offering slightly different packages of support, training and […]

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Fostering Children

When Fostering Connections have been ‘out and about’ raising awareness of the need to find foster carers, something we often hear is,  ‘I wouldn’t know how to do it!’ People have a genuine desire to foster children but the lack of information and belief that they wouldn’t be eligible serves to discourage them from […]

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How Fostering Connections can help you.

Fostering is something many people have considered but for a variety of reasons they never proceed any further. This could be based on misconceptions about what is required to become a foster carer. Many people I have spoken too will state they are ‘too old’ or don’t have the right ‘qualifications’ and so dismissed […]

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