General fostering questions

Can Foster Carers claim Income Support?

Can Foster Carers claim Income Support? Sometimes you need more than the allowances to keep up with home payments so if you foster can you get benefits?

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Can you Foster if you are Gay?

Many Gay people, either single or in a relationship, are put off fostering because they believe that their sexuality will cause their application to be denied.

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Fostering Placements

There are many thousands of children in Local Authority care throughout the country, they are different ages, ethnicities and have differing needs. For this reason fostering agencies need to recruit a wide variety of potential foster carers to meet the wide variety of needs presented by foster children. This means not only people with […]

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Support for Foster Carers

In addition to the generous financial support packages received by Foster Carers all fostering Agencies provide support packages. There may be subtle differences in the amount/frequency of support you will receive from different agencies and this is something to consider when choosing a Fostering Agency.

Once you have decided to become a foster carer, but […]

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What is Fostering?

What does it mean to foster a child?
At present there are over 9,000 foster carers needed throughout the UK to provide stable family homes for children not able to live with their own families.  A significant number of children in the care of the Local Authority live with foster families. Fostering is a way […]

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Have you ‘got what it takes’ to become a foster carer?

Have you ever wondered whether you ‘have what it takes’ to become a foster carer?

If you have been researching becoming a foster carer you will have probably realised that, although it can be an immensely rewarding career, it is far from an easy option as you will be providing care and support to some […]

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