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Fostering Network: Age of Young People in Care to Increase From 18 to 21

A recent announcement by the government will mean that children will be able to remain with their foster families until the age 21 instead of 18, as it currently stands.

This is being achieved with a £40m funding pledge by the government for those additional three years of care.

The new law is due to be passed later this year under the Children and Families Bill, but will affect only those families who are happy to continue with fostering.

The Children and Families Bill will mean more training and financial support for those foster carers who would like to continue looking after the young people in their care beyond the age of 18.

The Fostering Network‘s much publicised ‘Don’t Move Me‘ campaign has been instrumental in driving through this change to the law.

Edward Timpson,  having grown up with over 87 foster children himself, says, ” I know from the many foster children that I grew up with how vital it is to have enough time to prepare for life outside foster care

Several local authorities are already offering foster children this chance, but the extra funding will mean that all councils will have to follow this example.

The new law could affect about 10,000 young people who would otherwise have had to leave a stable, secure, loving home at the age of 18.

However, there is still a huge shortage of foster carers in the UK , with the Fostering Network claiming that the figure currently stands at 9,000 in England alone.

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