Steve’s Fostering story

Mark initially began providing short-term foster care for children. He has now been a foster carer for over 5 years. During his fostering career he has fostered 7 children and presently has had a 16-year-old boy placed for over 2 years.

Fostering has not always been easy, however, Steve has been able to use his life experiences from parenting his adult children and now grandchildren, transferring his skills and knowledge to his fostering role. Steve, aged 47, comments: ‘Children and young people in foster care lack a positive male role model. It is important that more men consider fostering and take up the role.’

There are support groups available to enable foster carers to meet up to share experiences along with various courses. Steve said: ‘I have learned from the many and varied training courses and workshops. It has helped me to understand some of the emotional difficulties experienced by young people in their early lives and the impact this has upon their relationships with their friends, teachers, parents and foster carers. Attending the support groups has been an added bonus and allows me the space to discuss fostering from a male’s point of view.’

Steve continued: ‘I would recommend fostering to anyone! I’ve already helped several others consider if fostering is for them by sharing my experiences. If you are considering fostering, I’d just like you to take a moment and think about it. Fostering is a challenging role and you need to be prepared for the unexpected. It’s hard work but it really pays off in the end.’

Steve added: ‘There have been loads of ‘best bits’ in my fostering career – I’ve been doing it five years now and there’s never a dull moment! On the whole the best part is seeing children each day in a better place and progressing in their troubled lives, knowing they are in a safe environment that I’ve created. Knowing I really have altered their lives for the better is worth all the hard work.’

If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer and have room in your heart and your home to help children and young people contact us by submitting your details in the ‘Register Your Interest’ section.