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£300m cost of failed returns for children in care revealed by NSPCC

£56m investment would provide the necessary support to families and reduce reunification breakdowns

According to research it is costing the government £300m a year when looked-after children who are sent home then return to the care system.

30-60% of reunifications fail

A study by the Centre for Child and Family Research at Loughborough University (commissioned by the NSPCC) […]

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Foster carers need greater authority to feel more of a parent

Delegating simple decision making to carers can make for a happier and fuller home life

Children missing out as a result of foster carers not having the power to make simple decisions.
Going on a school trip, to a birthday party sleepover, to the dentist, to the doctor… As a foster carer, you often have to […]

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Health leaders call for emergency taskforce on obesity

Figures show that obesity levels amongst children in England are rising and could cost the Government £50 billion by 2050.

Currently, around one in three children under 15 is overweight or obese.
The Foresight Report (2007) found that half the UK population could be obese by 2050 at a cost of £50 billion per year. However, […]

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Red Nose Day – Fostering Liverpool

How many of you watched, and were  inspired by the stories and experiences during yesterdays Comic Relief special. Fostering Liverpool. It’s amazing the lengths people went to to raise money for those in need and  the great British public were as generous as ever raising £75, 107,851 for good causes. If you didn’t get […]

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