Child car seats have more than twice as many germs as the average toilet seat, a new study has found.

Scientists have tested child car seats and found an alarming 100 bacteria per square centimeter on a car seat, compared to 10-50 bacteria per square centimetre on toilet seats.

The study, carried out by the University of Birmingham found E. coli and salmonella were one of the many germs found!
Yet car seats are easy to keep clean and contain simple information on the labels to guide you whether it is wipe clean or washing machine safe.

Stores fail to fit car seats accurately

Which? have also found that germs are not the only thing we need to worry about when it comes to child car seats. In a recent undercover investigation of car seat retailers, they found serious failings in the advice they gave on how to fit car seats into the car safely.

Of the 42 shops that Which? visited across the UK, including big stores like John Lewis, Mamas and Papas and Mothercare, an appalling 90% of stores failed to fit car seats correctly when asked to fit two different car seats in a standard family car.

To find out how to keep your child safe and ensure your car seat is fitted correctly you can follow this link to watch a step-by-step video:

CarSeat - 63Car Seat Safety

More serious than this is the horrific findings from crash tests by safety experts, which revealed how a Chinese car seat designed for young children, is ‘ illegal and deadly’, even at low speed impact collisions. The poorly designed car seat disintegrates on impact at just 30mph. Normal child seats are tested at speeds of up to 70mph – yet these new models have been bought by thousands of people across the world through online sites such as eBay and Amazon, putting thousands of lives in danger. The experts found that the car seat ripped apart on impact during 30mph crash test and the dummy child is then catapulted forward spinning violently through the air. They warn that global sales are a huge problem with thousands of children being put at risk of illegal car seats.