Gay Fostering

New Family Social are running the LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week 2014, the idea of the week will dispel myths about Gay fostering and Adoption.

The LGBT Fostering week will host 60 events across the UK to encourage LGBT individuals and couples to consider taking in a child. The events are set up to break through the stigma surrounding Gay fostering. Much of the stigma is associated with outdated opinions and homophobia but the more we speak out about these issues the easier it will be to break through these myths.

Gay Fostering

Gay fostering is a fantastic opportunity for LGBT individuals and couples to welcome in a child to their home. There are thousands of children all around the UK waiting for placements with a caring home that can provide them the support and care that they need. At the moment there are thousands of children in need of foster care it is important that LGBT individuals know that there are options and opportunities for them to foster.

It isn’t only the LGBT applicant who has these opinions, a lot of the stigma surrounding Gay foster parents is due to other people’s own prejudices, 1 in four LGBT people queestioned were told by other people they would not make a good parent because of their sexuality, some even from family members. There is no evidence to show that Gay couples or individuals make bad foster carers and some local authorities believe Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender individuals are well placed to support foster children through difficult times as they have faced adversity themselves. shown that many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples want to foster a child but feel their sexuallity is a barrier.

Jacob Tas, interim chief executive of Action for Children, reiterated:

“Being a good parent has nothing to do with being gay or straight.”