Many Gay people, either single or in a relationship, are put off fostering because they believe that their sexuality will cause their application to be denied.

This week, for LGBT Adoption and Fostering week (3rd to the 9th March) studies are being released to highlight areas in fostering and adoption that may cause barriers for people wanting to help a child. As part of this a recent study showed 53% of Gay people in Scotland are put off fostering and adoption because they feel that their sexuality is a barrier to being accepted.

The survey asked 400 gay, lesbian, bisexuals and transgender parents  and people considering fostering (LGBT) in the UK their thoughts. Although over half of Scottish participants believed that their sexuality was a barrier this was not too far followed by the rest of the UK in terms of sentiment.

The survey by Action for Children and New Family Social, also showed that 29% were told that they should not be a parent, sometimes even by their own family.

Other Action for Children research shows one in three (34%) of people living in Scotland believe that being gay means you are unable to foster children.

Can you Foster if you are Gay?

So the burning question is… Can you foster if you are gay?

A lot of things are taken into consideration when considering someone for fostering and you are just as likely to become a foster carer if you are gay or straight. If you have a home and room for a child then you will  have to go through the same checks as any straight person and have just as much chance of fostering a child.

You should consider your situation, since same sex marriages are given the same rights as a civil partnership you and your partner will have the same rights as a married couple, just as if you are single you will have the same rights as a single heterosexual applying for fostering.

If you are gay and interested in fostering then do not wait to get in touch we can help find you a good fostering agency to make you feel comfortable and find you a foster child.