Are you ready to foster in Lancashire?

Have you been thinking about fostering for a while and decided that now is the right time to do something about it or that you couldn’t’ afford it?


There are over 800 children across Lancashire in need of a foster home; whether it be temporary or for a longer period of time. Every child matters and fostering agencies endeavour to find loving families to provide a warm and secure environment for each and every child.


Almost 8,000 foster carers are still urgently needed in the UK. This means that many children and young people are in desperate need of a home. This can often mean that some young people have to travel away from the Lancashire area in order to find a suitable foster family. To help these children and young people remain in the Lancashire area, Lancashire foster carers are desperately needed. Could you be that person to help make a difference to a young person’s life?


Could I afford to become a foster carer?

Fostering agencies tend pay a foster carer allowance of about £400 per week per child (about £20,000 per child up to a maximum of three placements at any one time; the average wage is about £35,000 per year), however some agencies also pay extra fees for parent and child placements and children with special needs. Payments sometimes also depend on your experience and qualifications. Good fostering agencies ensure that you receive the allowances you are entitled to, to help you become a better carer and have the support you need. Like anywhere, fostering in Lancashire has its challenges but it is a hugely rewarding career both emotionally and financially.


Good fostering agencies will provide 24 hour support so that help is there day and night if needed. They also provide respite and holiday care and money for days out to help cover expenses. Fosterin agencies should also provides a friendly service to help both the child and foster carer. You should also check to ensure that the social worker assigned to you is not too far stretched; a good number of case-loads is about 15 per social worker.


Being a foster carer is not an easy decision, but it is is one of the most emotionally rewarding and satisfying things you can do – helping a vulnerable young person to feel safe and loved by providing a supportive and caring environment, nurturing them and helping to build their self-worth. Being there for them to help them to try and make sense of their situation is an enormous reward in itself.


“Too many children in foster care are falling through cracks. Be a hero today” Bruce Willis