foster carer and kids

Manchester is a vibrant city, but with areas of affluence as well as poverty, there is a real mix of children needing support for different reasons, and also carers looking to help. Professional Foster carers in Manchester are lucky to often be able to take a local child, this means the child does not feel too uprooted from their community and are easier to settle in your home. There are many support networks in Manchester for foster carers to meet and arrange outings, as well as a number of highly accredited and Ofsted approved fostering agencies in Manchester who can give you the best financial support and advice.

Fostering in Manchester

Fostering in Manchester is an indispensable resource and like most large cities there is always a shortage of foster carers.  Here at Fostering Connections, we are always on the lookout for new and existing foster carers to try and tackle the constant need for foster homes.

If you are a caring, patient, empathetic person who has a spare room and looking to foster in Manchester, then as a fostering agency we can help you.  We have over 7 years experience and have a wealth of knowledge and information to assist you with the big decision of whether you should become a foster parent. If you decide to become a professional foster carer then we can then put you in touch with trusted foster care agencies. We know all of the fostering agencies in each area and will only pass your details to Ofsted approved respectable fostering agencies in Manchester.

Becoming a Foster carer in Manchester

Providing foster care in Manchester and anywhere else for that matter is an invaluable commodity which is not only admirable but a worthy profession.

Not everyone has what it takes to foster children.  You need to be a warm, caring, patient and understanding person that can be firm and supportive so as to enhance a child’s life.  You need to be able to provide a nurturing environment in order for the young person to feel safe and help them with their development.  The rewards of being a foster carer can be plentiful and range from something small like seeing a child genuinely smile to life altering changes.

Fostering is a challenging job, which is why as an independent fostering agency in Manchester, we at Fostering Connections believe you should be fully trained and receive regular training on the latest guidance to ensure that you are the best foster carer you can be providing the highest level of foster care in Manchester.

We will guide you through the application process, and talk you through each step so that you are safe in the knowledge that you have all the required information on becoming a great foster carer.

To find out more, please email or complete our enquiry form below, and a member of our dedicated team will contact you without delay.