Children come into care for many reasons from a short term family illness to long standing problems such as a parent’s drug/ alcohol abuse. Children may have been subject to abuse and neglect. Many of these children are filled with fear, anger, confusion, or a sense of powerlessness at having been removed from the only home they have ever known. Many are sibling groups, older children, or young teens. Some have developmental, physical, emotional, or behavioural problems. They all need safe, supportive environments. As a Foster Carer you could give a child a supportive family and stable home whilst their own families try to solve their difficulties with help from other professionals. Children placed in foster care come from a variety of social, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Many have experienced significant difficulties in their lives and have more problems to overcome than most; they may offer a challenge both emotional and physical to their foster carers.

Children need foster placements at all ages; there are now more children than ever coming into care, with over 8,000 more in care on any one day now than there were in 2007. At the moment around two-fifths of the children in care are aged 11 to 15, and finding people with the right skills to look after teenagers is a priority for fostering services.

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